Day 832–Obligatory Bad Area Code Reference

I guess I’ll get to do it one more time in about 140 days…then I’ll be sad. I guess I’ll have to actually think of blog titles then.

The long and the short of it is that I made blueberry buckle, which was awesome for breakfast.  I went to Which Wich for lunch…always fantastic. And then I made homemade beef and potato empanadas, with black beans and rice (very Latin of me, I know).  It was really good food, and I enjoyed getting to do some work.

But that’s not really what I want to write about.

The events of the last week have caused an increase in clarity for me.  Perspective is funny like that.  A lot of the things I’ve been ruminating on came out in conversation last night, and for that I was truly grateful.  Even more so, I had the chance to stand up for a lot of those things today, which is always a blessing, even if its scary.  I look forward to sharing a little bit more in class tomorrow morning.

But that’s not really what I want to write about either.

The most significant thing I’ve been reminded of this week is how extremely lucky I am to have my wife.

Today, she got up early (on a Saturday) to go to work so we can pay rent and buy groceries and all that fun stuff.  She then came home, took a 45 minute nap, and took off to go run a 5K tonight.  She’s worked six days this week, gone to dinner with our friends twice (thrice if you want to count last night), will get up and go to church tomorrow and stay out all day so I can play basketball before life group, and then on Monday she’ll start the whole thing over again.  She was sick last week, so she’s doing all this after beating a virus into submission. She works hard, cares immensely, and pours herself into everything she does.

When the world is imploding around us, I take the greatest comfort in knowing my God is always in control and His will is supreme.  That being said…getting to wake up next to my beautiful wife every day is a close, close second.

Love you Abs.

Have a good one.


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