Day 831–My Dinner With Sunjay

See what I did there? Culture people…culture.

And I returned from the no-blogging abyss just in time to make another crappy area code joke tomorrow. Life is good.

Since we last chatted we had a bizarre interview, a youth retreat, a sick wife, some birthdays, a disaster in Boston, a disaster here in Texas, and sweet sweet justice.  It’s been an eventful week or so, all things considered.  But my job is not to tell you about the past, my job is to tell you all about the mundane goings on in my daily life. So here we are.

I think I finished my last paper for grad school. Like, ever.  I got an A on one class, I’m awaiting grades on the second, and then the third might be finished. (Those of you that are observant are saying, “What? Three classes?” Yes…it wasn’t a pretty picture when that little nugget of wisdom was dropped on me.  Stay on top of your degree requirements kids…your advisors won’t do a good job. Trust me.) Then, I got a new basketball.  Which is terribly exciting…I think it’s the second ball I’ve ever bought.  The first was stolen. Sad times.

The true highlight of the day, however, was dinner with my good friend from high school, Sunjay.  It’s been many moons since we’ve talked and even longer since I’ve seen him in the flesh, so it was great to get to catch up. It’s always awesome to see old friends, but even better when you come away blessed by the conversation and by the knowledge that life is treating them really well.  Let’s try to make it a more regular occurrence bud.

Breakfast–Um…a cupcake? Maybe? That was so long ago…

Lunch–Tuna salad on celery.  You might be saying to yourself, “That sounds weird.” Or if you’re Abby, “That sounds disgusting.”  It was neither my friends…it was pure bliss.  Spicy Thai chili tuna, pumpkin seeds, and diced red onion filled into celery ribs.  It was AWESOME.

Snack–No snack. In other news, Nestle sucks.  Don’t buy their products, ESPECIALLY their bottled water. Here’s why.

Dinner–Sylvia’s Enchilada House, Sunjay’s recommendation.  Great food (two pork enchiladas with red sauce and verde sauce) and even better company and conversation.

Making blueberry buckle for breakfast tomorrow and then I think I’ll stare absent-mindedly at my paper trying to will it to be better.

Have a good one.

(And clearly, if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s DON’T SCREW WITH BOSTON.)


One thought on “Day 831–My Dinner With Sunjay

  1. Good seeing you again thanks for the shout out! Good friendships are when you can not see each other for 6-7 years and then pick up right where you left off, and it was great to see that in action again last night. Take care bro.

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