Day 822–Progress!

Ask, and you shall receive.

Most importantly, Abby seems to have turned a corner.  I think she got me sick in the process, but that’s how these things work sometimes.

Of second importance, #graduate2013 is back on track.  It’s going to be a little bit more complicated than I wanted–and it would have been good to know this complication existed a few months ago when I was told I was almost finished–but it should happen.  And when I’m done writing until my computer explodes, I will feel a great amount of relief.

Of third importance, I got a job interview! Friday. Pray.

I was able to sub at Westbury today, which was awesome.  Always enjoy seeing those kids, and I do have some good friends that still teach there.  And most of all, thanks to Casey Lankford for letting me crash his Bible classes and have some great conversations with him and with the kids.  Appreciated brother.

Breakfast–Fiber One bar.  In order to get to Westbury by the start of school, it requires getting up early. Very. Very. Early.

Lunch–Mr. Zhao has the best schedule EVER.  I had a couple of hours for lunch, so I went to China Stix and threw down a chicken and vegetable rice bowl.  There was much rejoicing in the land.

Dinner–Peanut butter and banana and peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwiches.  I wanted sugar.

Dentist tomorrow. And a meeting of the thugs.  Gonna be epic.

Have a good one.


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