Day 821–Balcony Garden

Our apartment the first time we lived here was pretty much perfect for an apartment “garden.”  Lots of direct sun, pretty good breeze to keep things cooled off; it was nice.  In fact, the only problem we had was that we traveled so much, watering was an issue…and some of the plants (especially the jalapeno) suffered greatly.  They looked like marbles instead of peppers and they were hotter than hades.  But the cilantro did as well as could be hoped and the rosemary flourished.  Can’t really kill rosemary.

This apartment is a stark contrast.  We don’t get much sun, but we will be here most of the time for watering and maintenance.  I planted some basil, some cilantro, and more jalapenos…hopefully these will be more edible, less firebomb.  And if everything goes well, there should be some awesome creations with fresh additions coming in future blogs.

Breakfast–A tangelo.  I don’t know why I’ve been anti-breakfast lately, especially since I know how important it is for weight loss.  I just can’t seem to motivate myself to eat anything, nothing sounds good, etc.  Maybe it’ll change.

Lunch–Two ham and turkey sandwiches with homemade pickles.  I took some baby cucumbers and made a brine out of rice wine vinegar, sugar, serrano chile, and a bit of salt.  They were gooooooood.

Dinner–Pei Wei.  Thai Wonton Soup and vegetable spring rolls.  Deliciousness.

Dessert–Some Ritz crackers with peanut butter, dipped in chocolate, and then I let it harden in the freezer for a bit.  Salty, sweet, and peanuty…pretty much awesome.

No update on any of the chaos from yesterday.  Abby is still sick, I’m still in graduation limbo, and nothing to report from the jobs.  But I feel better about all of it (except Abby…she needs to get better) so thats improvement.

Have a good one.


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