Day 820–Controlled Rage

My day started out with being able to cross something off my to-do list (shift some funds around for bookkeeping/savings purposes) before getting out of bed.

That was the highlight.

After that, I found out there’s a 50/50 chance I won’t graduate in May, that the school I applied at doesn’t have an opening in my preferred fields of teaching, that a headlight in my car had gone out, that Abby appears to be getting worse, that Manchester United decided against showing up to play in the Derby today, and that Jon Acuff just responded to a tweet of mine…that was, of course, sarcastically making fun of him. It was not a winning performance by Monday, to say the least.  It built on itself over and over and now I have this horrible pit of anger that’s causing more problems than I’d like.  Gotta harness my chi or something.

The good news is that we raised $6,000 last night, something I’m incredibly proud to be a part of.  And the migraine I’ve been nursing for the last couple of days now has a legitimate reason to be here.

And if you’re Jon Acuff and reading this, sorry I called you out.  The dome effect is legitimate and problematic. And you have every right to have no idea what it is.

Breakfast–That was a long time ago.  Honestly I have no recollection of what I ate, if anything at all. Let’s just move on.

Lunch–Ruggles Green with the wounded wife.  I had their spicy chicken tacos…not bad.  Buffalo burger is better. And now I know.

Snack–After the Manchester Derby put me in a foul mood, I decided to cheer up with a little Sonic.  Reese’s Blast, hot fudge…you know the drill.

Dinner–Shrimp fried rice with edamame, corn, and Tiger sauce.  Delicious.

Not a clue what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  I hope it does not involve A) having to find another school to apply for a job with or B) yelling at ACU for ruining my Monday before it had a chance to live and be happy.

Have a good one…or at least a better one.


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