Day 817–Shortbread and Pizza

The Taste of Sugar Grove is this weekend, and I’m lucky enough to be participating.  In the dessert category, of course, I’ll be contributing my Dolce bars to the festivities.  After our tasting, there will be an auction where people can bid on our culinary talents and delights, and all of the proceeds go to a great cause: Lilia’s Place.  I’m glad I get to bake, I’m glad I get to participate, and I’m really glad I get to contribute to such a great cause.  If you’re near Stafford, Meadows Place, or Sugar Land on Sunday night you should swing by Sugar Grove and check everything out.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Harvest cereal with some blueberries.  The blueberries were amazing…blueberry and cinnamon are wonderful bedfellows.

Lunch–Brown rice, edamame, corn, carrot, and a healthy dose of Tiger sauce.  I love Tiger sauce…its spicy, vinegary, a bit sweet, and it helps things caramelize wonderfully.  We used to put it on our Spam (don’t judge) on Trek and it worked just as well with this application.  I approve.

Exercise–I went to the workout facility and did a little work on the exercise bike and the treadmill.

Snack–Thanks to Joel, I have an unhealthy addiction to Zapps Hotter ‘n Hot Jalapeno chips.  So I had a couple of servings.

Dinner–Homemade pizza!  Mini pizza crusts, homemade sauce, mozzarella, asparagus, zucchini, and chicken/apple sausage.  So. Stinkin’. Good.  This is definitely going in the menu rotation.

Exercise–This wasn’t a great idea, but it was so nice outside I couldn’t help it.  My knees hate me now.  We went on a walk around the lake…about three miles.  All in all I burned over 700 calories in exercise, which meant I could do…

Dessert–Fro Yo!  Red Velvet and Birthday Cake swirled with Oreo pieces and chocolate chips.  Awesomeness.

Finishing up the Dolce bars tomorrow!  I’m pumped…the caramel is always the fun part.

Have a good one.


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