Day 816–Sugar Low

So…I got my first cavity. Ever. Followed by the next four.

Glad I got those out of the way quickly.

It’s been too long since we last visited a dentist, which I’m going to blame on moving around and our dentist in Dallas being inconvenient for a variety of reasons.  Abby scheduled me for an appointment with the dentist in Sealy that has helped her out a couple of times, and so after having lunch with her yesterday I went in for what was supposed to be a routine check up.  I’ve never had a cavity before.  The only broken bone I’ve suffered was self-inflicted, and it involved me losing a boxing match with a concrete wall.  My body performs extremely well on the maintenance front, so I was NOT expecting to have a cavity, much less five.

Almost three hours and some minor reparative work later, the right side of my mouth is fixed.  Left side goes under the, um, drill next week.  It didn’t hurt, it was just inconvenient and expensive.  Needless to say, my intake of Dr Pepper and other sugary goodies is going down significantly.

Talking with a half-numb mouth was kind of fun though.

Breakfast–Nope.  I’ve been really stressed with the whole job thing (Turned in one application today…keep praying please!) and so sleep has been obnoxious at best.  It’s hard to get up and motivated when your body hurts from tension.

Lunch–After failing miserably trying to have lunch with Abby, I went to HEB to get groceries.  While there I was going to pick up some more dried cherries since I’m almost out.  Unfortunately, HEB was completely out.  But–silver lining–while I was staring at the display, I saw that they had a bag of California dates.  So lunch was a serving of almonds, and then some pieces of proscuitto di Parma wrapped around dates. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.  I’ll be doing that again.

Dinner–Jason and Casey were unable to attend the Thursday night festivities, but we made up for it because Leah came.  Good kid that Leah.  For dinner we had hot dogs, mine with ketchup, mustard, and sriracha.  Holla.  I also had a serving of the Way Better Sweet Chili chips.  And ice cream.  All planned, thankfully…its amazing what mapping out meals will do for calorie intake and staying on track.

Hopefully I’ll finish my other application and/or my book for class tomorrow.

Have a good one.  And brush yo teeth.


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