Day 814–Going to Mumford

Today was a productive day…thanks for all the prayers!  I finished one application for delivery tomorrow, I’m most of the way through with a second, I read a significant chunk of a book I need for class, worked out for a while, made dinner, and…

Got an invitation for the pre-sale for Mumford and Sons.  That’s right: We’re going to Mumford. WOO!

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is a great place for a concert, and Mumford is great live.  I’m pretty stoked about hanging out with my friends and listening to some great music.

All in all, I’ll give Tuesday an A+.

Breakfast–Tangelo! I love those things.

Lunch–Salad greens with spicy chili tuna, pumpkin seeds, and crispy jalapeno strips.  A side serving of Somersaults and it was one awesome lunch.  Greens, protein, nuts, seeds…it had everything a man could want who is trying to lose copious amounts of weight.

Dinner–Pinto beans with sausage, quinoa, and cornbread.  Beans are really filling, and I added the quinoa for extra fiber and protein.  And of course…always the honey-cayenne cornbread. It is so choice.

I get to go to the dentist tomorrow…yay…

Have a good one.


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