Day 813–Writer’s Block

There’s a well-known adage thrown around in the sports world: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  Or in my case yesterday, you miss 90% of the shots you do take.  But I digress…

The point of the idiom is that you have to try to fail or succeed.  I usually tell the young gents that I minister to that if you like a girl, ask her out. Worst thing that can happen is that she says no. (Granted, this is advice it took me 18 years to figure out for myself, so I’m not exactly a genius.) When Abby and I are discussing dinner, if there’s some place we want to try, we do it. Worst thing that can happen is that it sucks and we end up with Wendy’s. Wendy’s is pretty darn good.  And when it comes to jobs, the worst thing they can do is say no and hire someone else.  This, of course, brings up an interesting question:

Why am I so afraid of these applications?

I’ve got two solid applications, 90-95% filled out, sitting on my desk.  And every time I start to finish them (with the essays and philosophies of education they require) I procrastinate and move on to something else.  I really think I’m afraid I’ll put myself out there and get rejected.  I know I can teach, and more importantly (to me at least) I know I can be a great influence on the students and help them know Jesus.  But sheets of paper don’t convey that very well, and it scares me that someone will reject me based on a form application.

So if you have a spare moment, lift me up in prayer over the next couple of days.  These apps will get done and some schools will have a hard decision to make.  I just hope they want me.

Breakfast–Leftover french toast from yesterday with some fig-cocoa spread.  Pretty good…incredibly rich.  Not a great choice from a health aspect.

Lunch–Freebirds!  Cayenne freebird with chicken, black beans, cilantro-lime rice, corn and poblano salsa, and lettuce. Oh, and BACON. Awesomeness.

Snack–A few Dolcetti.  They’re gone now…I’m safe.

Dinner–Two cajun turkey and maple ham sandwiches.  Deli meat, lettuce, and candied jalapenos, with a half a serving of sweet potato chips on the side.

Writing tomorrow…oof.

Have a good one.

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