Day 812–Did I Get Hit in the Face?

Three important things happened today:

1) It’s Easter/Taylor Bezner was baptized.  Easter is obviously a big deal…kind of why we do what we do.  And anytime someone is baptized and dies to their old self it’s noteworthy.  Welcome to the family Taylor!

2) Had Easter lunch with the Florence family.  It was good food, great company, and a beautiful reminder of how amazing family can be.  We had four generations, a surprise announcement of a pregnancy, a bubble machine (BUBBLES!), and beautiful weather. The last one didn’t last, but thankfully I was inside when the heavens opened up.

3) Played a little basketball at church.  And by a little I mean two hours.  First couple of games were great, and then it was like someone put a lid on the basket.  Couldn’t hit any threes, couldn’t hit any jumpers…I even missed a couple of easy layups.  Therefore, I had to contribute other ways: defense, rebounding, passing (thank God I decided to practice that skill in my youth) and trying to outsmart the other team.  I got beat around pretty well, including one between-game break when my jaw started hurting.  I innocently asked “Did I get hit in the face sometime?”  Everyone just started laughing…apparently I had gotten whacked quite a few times.  Not sure when it happened, but it hurt for a couple of hours.  Kind of weird.

Breakfast–Homemade french toast! I used a challah loaf that I let get stale overnight and Alton Brown’s custard recipe…they were goooooooood.  Solid morning.

Lunch–Delicious Easter lunch!  Snickerdoodles, brownies, ice cream, salad, rolls, grapes, green beans, turkey…excellent.   I easily could have taken a nap, but we played ball instead.

Exercise–Basketball! My legs hurt. As does my face.

Dinner–Pollo Campero.  One empanada, two tacos, and 1/4 grilled chicken.  Awesomeness…I love that place.

I get to pay taxes tomorrow…woo…

Have a good one.


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