Day 811–Dolcetti

Today I was finally able to mess around in the kitchen a bit, and the results were spectacular.  One of my pet peeves is a restaurant that does a lot of things good, but nothing great.  For example, the Cheesecake Factory.  Gigantic menu, tons of options, nothing is bad…but other than the cheesecake, do you really go there for the food?  So as I move forward and work on the pastry aspect of my hobbies, I want to do a few things extremely well.  The first slam dunk is my Dolce Bars, which will be making a public appearance at the Taste of Sugar Grove next weekend.  My cake is good, although I haven’t messed with it enough to get cupcakes down or come up with a solid icing.  So I knew I needed something else…

Enter the Dolcetti.

My cookies are good. Very. Very. Good. But cookies are cookies.  What I wanted was something different…something special. So I took my cookie dough, altered the cooking time and temperature, and dropped smaller portions into a greased mini muffin tin.  Wowza.  Dolcetti is Italian for little sweets, and these are bite-sized pieces of perfection.  The muffin tin allows for the crunchy, golden deliciousness on two sides instead of one (since they come out as cylinders, geometrically speaking) and the new shape allows for a giant, gooey center.  It’s pretty much cookie perfection.

Dolcetti.  Gonna be huge. Pun intended.

Breakfast–Yeah yeah…nothing to see here. Move along.

Lunch–Finished up the Lupe Tortilla and roasted another sweet potato.  I caramelized some onions, sauteed some asparagus, and had a great meal.

Snack–Two Dolcetti. So so good.

Dinner–Leftover burgers from Life Group last week.  Soy-sriracha burgers and some Sweet Chili “Way Better Snacks” chips.  Awesomeness.

Exercise–After dinner we went for a walk.  About three miles, enjoying the mild weather and beautiful sunset.

Happy Easter y’all.

Have a good one.


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