Day 810–TGIF

One of the goofier holiday monikers has to be “Good Friday.”  The most innocent person in the history of the world was murdered in cold blood by a group of angry, confused, jealous religious zealots who couldn’t understand why love meant doing things differently than they had for hundreds of years.  We find ourselves facing the same predicament today: the command to love above all else has somehow become contradictory to what society tells us to do.  While celebrating homicide always seemed a little strange to me, without Friday there is no Sunday.  Yes, the resurrection is vitally important and worthy of observation.  Sunday is when death lost once and for all.  But Friday…today is the day our sins were forgiven. Today is the day our sacrifice was made for us.  Today is the ram, pierced and trapped, allowing us to slide off the altar we deserve to be on.

So thank God it’s Friday.  Or more accurately, thank God for Friday.

Happy Birthday Toy…it’s a pleasure and an honor to be your friend and co-laborer in Christ.

Have a good one.

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