Day 809–Banana Pudding

In one’s weight-loss journey, there are certain obstacles to overcome.  Many of them are expected: burnout from exercising too much or too often, boring/bland “health” food, holidays that pack on pounds painstakingly lost.  Some of them aren’t as expected…like the occasional homemade dessert that introduces itself when you weren’t planning on it.  Tonight we had the…opportunity…to volunteer at the David Phelps concert in Stafford.  I say “opportunity” with hesitance because really, Toy asked us to volunteer with him and I felt bad abandoning him to his lonesome.  Phelps has an incredible voice, and it really was amazing to see how many passionate fans he has and how his music moved them…it’s just not my style of music. At all.

During the first act tonight, Evan, Abby, and I went to the Wendy’s nearby to grab a late dinner.  I was fighting the temptation to get a Frosty for the walk back/second half, and was successful in making it out of the restaurant unscathed.  Then we walked in the doors and Cheryl Britt said those magical words: homemade banana pudding.  Instantly I was overcome with jubilation for not purchasing a crappy Frosty and wasting my money and calories on such a trifle when there was golden, puddingy goodness waiting in the bowels of the Stafford Centre.  That jubilation quickly subsided, however, when (two bowls later…) I was very VERY full.  It was delicious.  It was not nutritious.  And I would have eaten the entire tupperware had I been alone.  Banana pudding is one of my true weaknesses…lots of sliced bananas and sweetened whipped cream make it pretty much a cup/bowl/trough full of heavenly delight.

So thank you David Phelps…you got me banana pudding.  And an extra pound or two on the scale.

Worth it.

Breakfast–Apple cinnamon oatmeal.  It was a good fiber load to start the day.

Lunch–Peanut butter and strawberry-rhubarb jelly sandwiches.  To cut down on calories, I used hamburger buns rather than bread.  It was…okay.  Not a suggested substitution.

Dinner–Wendy’s.  Spicy Chicken sandwich and a large fry. (And, you know, two giant bowls of banana pudding.)

Celebrating Toy’s birthday tomorrow! Woo!

Have a good one.


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