Day 808–Creekside Drive

Not really any point to the title…when I was born we lived in the Dallas area at 808 Creekside Drive. It was a good house…I appreciate it housing me in my infantile and temporarily half-blind states.  After 808 days, witty blog titles are a bit harder to come by, and my stellar good-looks don’t really come through in digital type.  So this is what you get.

I didn’t get around to baking today, because I weighed myself and I’ve actually lost weight recently.  So this restart is working…didn’t want to mess it up with cookies. Or pie. Or whatever I would have come up with.  I did get to make some good stuff for dinner though.

Breakfast–Half a plum.  I was so excited because I got some good looking, ripe plums…and they tasted like air.  Literally. No taste whatsoever, some juice but nothing to write home about…I chunked it rather than finish it because it wasn’t worth the time.

Lunch–A roasted sweet potato with sauteed asparagus, leftover Lupe Tortilla fajitas, and a couple of tablespoons of salsa.  It was SO GOOD. Filling, healthy, and of course it tasted amazing.

Dinner–Some bulgur, homemade mango-tangelo salsa, and smoked pork tenderloin with a chile-lime marinade that was really REALLY spicy.  The salsa had black beans, corn, tangelo segments, mango slices, lime juice, and a little chile paste thinned out with olive oil.  A dash of chipotle powder, a good dash of salt, and deliciousness, here we come.  The marinade for the pork was made with the same chile paste–Costa Peruana Aji Panca.  It’s labelled as a “2” on their spiciness spectrum, with their hottest form coming in at an “8.”  I don’t know if the 2 concentrated down when I cooked it or what, but DANG.  The 2 packs a punch.  The 8 scares me.  It was still a great meal, but wowza.

Dessert–Handful of jellybeans.  Starburst jellybeans are a wonderful part of Easter.

Working a concert tomorrow night (woo…) and then the weekend!

Have a good one.


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