Day 807–That Time My Wife Bought Me Les Mis for Easter

That’s right.  Best. Wife. Ever.

Today was supposed to be a lazy day, so naturally I was woken up by Abby cleaning the house like a madwoman.  She’s not so good at lazy days. Although, in her defense, she did fall asleep at 8 pm last night, so she was well-rested.  We spent the morning cleaning, organizing, and running errands so we could do more cleaning and organizing.  Somehow, it still looks like a bomb went off in here…whoops.

Once I started running out of steam, I knew there was one more errand I had to run: Whole Foods for some produce.  I found plums, tangelos, some baby carrots, and some great bunches of asparagus.  Tangelos are freaking awesome…I don’t know why I’ve avoided them before.  They’re also really cheap at WF; 99 cents a pound for great citrus is nothing to scoff at.

So that’s pretty much the day…cleaning, organizing, citrus, and now we’re watching the aforementioned Les Miserables. Because Abby is awesome.

Breakfast–I cleaned instead of eating. Meh.

Lunch–Genghis Grill!  We had a free bowl thanks to their points program, so I was able to enjoy my beef and shrimp deliciousness in guiltless happiness.


Dinner–Shell pasta with sauteed asparagus, zucchini, carrot, and chicken and apple sausage.  Really good, colorful meal.

Dessert–FroYo! I’ve been having a hankering for ice cream recently, so I indulged in a little froyo rather than my usual calorie bomb.  It was pretty good…there was some psychotic little girls’ softball team there on a fundraiser, so the atmosphere kind of sucked.  But the taste was spot on.

Tomorrow I’m going to play around in the kitchen.  I’m pumped.

Have a good one.


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