Day 768–Blogging From Class

That’s right ladies and gentlemen…I’m back in Abilene for my weekend class.  A mere 28 hours from now I will leave a classroom for the last time as a student.

Let that soak in: I AM ALMOST DONE.

I’m coming up with fun ways to mark the countdown.  Graduation is in three months, I’ve got six papers left, I’ll never “have” to come to Abilene again, etc.  The problem is, this class just moves so. so. slllllloooooooowwwwwwwly.  So rather than dwell on that, let me tell you all about how awesome my Thursday was.

(Side note:  Yes, Thursday was also Valentine’s Day.  However, my valentine is in Houston and I am not, so it was just Thursday for me.)

Breakfast:  Gramps made me a breakfast fit for a king.  Sausage patties, toast, scrambled eggs, juice, and hot tea.  I was very well fed for…

Comps:  My oral comprehensive exam for my Masters degree.  One hour, two professors, copies of my transcript and…go.  Kind of an intense hour, even though Drs. Foster and Sensing did an amazing job and made me feel quite at ease.  I decided early on to be very honest and not throw on the academic/Bible filter, and it suited me well.  I passed, with no conditions, paving the way to my degree.

Lunch:  LOS. ARCOS. Yeah baby.  One beef fajita burrito, chips and salsa (also known as the nectar of the gods), and great conversation with one Tyler Barnett, whom I haven’t seen since my wedding because I’m a crappy friend.  It’s great to catch up with good friends; its even better to hear how God is working in their lives and see them genuinely happy in His presence.

Class: Yesterday’s class wasn’t half bad.  It moved at a lively pace (which apparently we’re making up for today…) and we got to watch the 1957 version of 12 Angry Men, which is a classic.  It’s also BEAUTIFUL in Abilene, so…

Dinner: I decided to grab some fast food (Arby’s) and eat outside on the steps of the Bible building.  The sunset, the flags blowing in the breeze, stained glass behind me, windmills in the distance…this is a happy, happy place. I’m glad I’m about to be done with it in an academic sense, but some great things have happened here in my life.

Payton: While leaving to go back to class, I ran into Payton Giacomarro, whom I also haven’t seen since my wedding except for getting Los Arcos (shocking) with him a couple years back.  Hearing about his life and his passion for ministry–which he will absolutely rock at–was great for my soul.  The best part of the day though, with all due respect for everyone I got to see, was…

VICTORY: Westbury’s 3-2 victory over FBCA.  It sounds like for 75 of the 80 minutes we dominated, and then at the end we lost a little focus (shocking).  But Euntaek scored, which is awesome, and we got the W.  It made the end of the class fly by getting updates about our win.  And my kids made a video doing the Harlem Shake after the game.  Can’t wait to get back and go for two!

So…amazing day.  Start to finish, the only problem was being apart from Abby, but even then I got to talk to her multiple times throughout the day.  I hope your Thursday was as incredible as mine…tonight the youth group gets here and then the party REALLY begins.

Have a good one.


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