Day 757–I Saw Leah Bouteller At School Today

I got in trouble a few days ago because I had not one but two meals with the lovely and talented Leah Bouteller and failed to mention her in the blog.  Hell hath no fury like a middle school language arts teacher scorned.  So I’m alerting the masses that today when I went up to school for practice, I saw Leah in the halls.  We talked. She offered to go to McDonalds to lunch with me.

It was intense.

In somewhat related news, practice today was awesome.  The 30% chance of rain in the forecast turned into a small shower right at the start of practice, so I decided to bypass all the usual drills we do and went straight into the moneymaker: full field scrimmage. In the rain. Booyah. Unfortunately, I am (not surprisingly) out of shape and I didn’t wear the right shoes, so any attempt to keep up with the whippersnappers or even cut on wet grass was bad news.  But man I had a lot of fun. Even pulled off a couple of assists too.  I’ll take the win.

Breakfast–Nope.  After the Super Bowl last night, apparently I was so distraught over the 49ers complete play-calling fail that I couldn’t get to sleep.  I was up until around 3 am and then woke up early with Abby.  I felt so crummy that I didn’t eat breakfast.  Probably not the best choice, but whats done is done.

Lunch–CHINA STIX.  Westbury had early release so we had practice at 1:15 instead of the usual 3:45.  Therefore I left here nice and early, drove in near Rice Village, and indulged in my favorite Chinese food in the world.  Chicken and rice vegetable bowl.  Awesome.

Dinner–Shell pasta with cannelini beans. Mango-jalapeno sausage, roasted broccoli and peppers, garlic, and a splash of lemon juice.  It was really really good.  And to make it even better, the new Whole Foods near our house allowed me a few moments of peace and relaxation, as well as the ingredients for our meal. Having one that close to us is going to be fantastic. And dangerous.

Dessert–A cup of chocolate drizzled kettle corn while watching Biggest Loser.

Great Monday…lets make Tuesday even better.

And Happy Birthday Joel!

Have a good one.


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