Day 751–Trust

Yesterday’s game was a bit of a debacle.  Aside from the fact that we got smashed 6-0, it was the first time all season I saw my guys quit.  They were bickering with each other, hanging their heads, and moving like their feet were stuck in molasses.  It’s a long season, and with grades and personal activities, its really easy to let it drain you.  My job is to keep that from happening.  Therefore, with about 25 minutes left in the game, we decided to blow the whole thing up and have a little fun.  Our best goal scorer played goalie, our goalie played midfield, our midfielders played defense…it was kind of a way to release some steam and have fun playing the game, not worrying about responsibilities.  At one point I pulled a player out and his replacement asked “What position do I play?”  Didn’t have an answer for him…nor did the player I pulled out.  It was a great stress release to know it was just 11 guys having a good time, not letting the game weigh them down.

The biggest issue we had in the game was a lack of trust between the players.  Everyone was running to cover other people, getting out of position, with no communication.  What we need is 11 guys having fun, working as a cohesive whole.  The real test comes Thursday when we get back out on the pitch to do some work…and hopefully to have a lot of fun.

After all…it is just a game.  Trust is worth a whole lot more.

Breakfast–Fiber One bar.  Nothing else really sounded good.

Lunch–I drove out to Sealy to have lunch with Abby today, and we got our traditional Mexican food.  I had the poblano fajitas, but I only ate half of them.  Really good food, really crappy service.  I guess you take the good with the bad sometimes.

Dinner–After practice, I microwaved a sweet potato and put the rest of my fajita leftovers on it.  Such a great meal, and its really healthy too.  They did a version of it on The Biggest Loser this week too, so I know I’m on the right track.

Dessert–I made brownies for the Sealy office…had to test them.  One 1″x 2″ piece of delicious brownie goodness.

Tomorrow I get cracking on my class assignments…its going to be painful.

Have a good one.


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