Day 749–Abilene and Back

My apologies for the lack of blogging.  I was in Abilene over the weekend for a class, Conflict Management in Churches.  Twenty hours of class over the span of sixty hours of being alive…really crappy way to spend a few days.  While I was there, a wreck involving six ACU students, including the death of one, shook up the Abilene community.  It’s amazing how my problems–being in a class that I don’t feel plugged into with a migraine that might have crippled a lesser man–pale in comparison to real life chaos.  Everything else kind of pales, eh?

Breakfast–Yeah…didn’t happen.  Between Abilene and Houston, my allergies are toast.  I’m congested, my sinuses are packed like a clown car, and my stomach is driving me nuts.  So I didn’t eat.  Whoops.

Lunch–Zoe’s Kitchen.  I had a turkey sandwich and a fruit cup.  And a cupcake. And two macarons…needless to say, my stomach got better.  Also, The Sweet Boutique is AWESOME.

Dinner–Deer sausage sandwich at Life Group.  DEER SAUSAGE SANDWICH. AHHHHHH.  It was awesome.  And I had a few cookies too.  I didn’t behave well today, health-wise.

Back in the groove tomorrow, including a game against Second Baptist.

Pray for ACU.

Have a good one.


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