Day 742–The Har-Bowl

Not gonna lie…today worked out well in American football-land.  I say that because Man U choked thanks to Clint Dempsey (bittersweet…glad he’s doing well, but score against someone else Deuce) and the Stars lost (hockey’s back!) while the Mavs looked rough against Orlando, edging out a win.  So other than the NFL, it was a rough sports day.  But thankfully, we have ourselves a Har-Bowl…two great coaches, two great defenses, and two offenses running on all cylinders that could fall apart at any second.  It’s like watching a live episode of your favorite TV show–it’s such a great experience, but you KNOW something catastrophic is potentially seconds away. For the record, I’ve got San Francisco winning by four.  At least I’m excited for the game…first one since Indy-Chicago that I actually care about.

Breakfast–A Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabar before church.  Had a rough go of it starting up this morning…we ended up going to second service, which we never do because it throws off the whole day with how far we have to drive.  But it was worth it today because A) Jason preached and did a great job, and B)…

Lunch–We got to have lunch with the Toys!  We went back to Guru, and they’ve changed the menu since our last venture.  There are now 3-5 burgers I would eat in a heartbeat.  I had three sliders (I was sampling…): The True Grit (Buffalo, bacon, Mexican Coca Cola BBQ sauce), the Japaneiros (chimichurri, pickle, and caramelized onion), and the Pancho (roasted jalapeno, jalapeno bacon, pickle).  All three were amazing, especially when paired with sweet potato fries and yucca fries.  Boom.

Dinner–I had a smoothie to try to keep things in balance.  8 oz of cherries, 4 oz of pineapple, blueberries, a splash of cranberry juice and cherry yogurt.  It was goooooood.  As were the gummy bears I had afterwards while watching Downton.

Practice tomorrow (I know…I’m a mean coach) and then hopefully I can finish my book and write my paper.

Have a good one.


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