Day 740–Firestorm

I started reading for one of my classes yesterday, because my books finally arrived and I have a paper due in a week.  Motivation found.  The class is Conflict Management in Churches, something I may never use in its literal sense because I don’t know when I’ll be working for a congregation, but something I definitely want in my tool chest.  I am incredibly stubborn and I usually don’t shy away from conflict, a nasty combination that can lead to all sorts of fun problems. (Everyone who has worked with me before is slowly nodding and either grimacing or smiling, depending on which side you found yourselves on. Sorry ’bout that.)  The first part of the book is a case study of sorts, how the rise and fall of a church can be viewed through a conflict-preventative lens.  The second part is the cause of the problems, or “firestorms” as the author puts it. Third part is putting out the fire, and the last part is rebuilding after the smoke clears.

Unfortunately, in most instances we don’t stop fires from happening because we are blind to the problems until they blow up in our faces. (Sometimes literally…working in a chem lab leads to all sorts of fun problems.)  In sports, little problems that you try to cover up often rear their heads in the worst time.  Neglecting issues in a marriage can lead to a slow deterioration.  Ignoring a light on your dashboard can lead to complete engine failure.  Eating poorly can lead to bad habits, being overweight, and eventually even diabetes or heart disease…or worse.  I’m down a pound to 233, but progress should be swifter and more decisive.  I can’t keep selling myself short like this, or I’m going to have a huge problem (and I’m not talking about my waistline.)

The class may be conflict management in churches, but I have no doubt it’ll open my eyes to problems all around me…small fires that need to be snuffed out before the conflagration takes hold.

Breakfast–A smoothie…brunch really.  I slept in due to stress and exhaustion form last night’s game…wasn’t pretty.  Cherries, peaches, pineapple, strawberries, and yogurt.  Delicious.

Dinner–Barbecue, and way too much of it.  Two ribs, sausage (not so good), and turkey (amazing) with sides of sweet potato fries and okra.  I ate too much…one of those small sparks.  The good news is I recognized it as it was happening and shut it down.

No practice tomorrow, no schedule tomorrow…I get to clean things up and reorganize my kitchen.  I’m comfortable admitting I look forward to that.

Have a good one.


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