Day 736–Non-Scale Victory. Literally.

That’s right.  The Westbury Christian Wildcats won 3-1 tonight on the strength of a hat trick by Eric Hulsey and some amazing defensive play.  To make matters even better, we had 11 healthy players at the start of the game…and one of them was the manager that we threw a jersey and cleats on.  The twelfth player–Mike Lambon–started the game with a pulled hip flexor and played the entire game, fighting for loose balls and playing his heart out.  We suffered a myriad of cramps, a stomach issue, and something I can only describe as heart palpitations.


I’m proud of my players…they fought hard, they believed in themselves, and they earned that victory.  One we should have had earlier, but I’ll take it now.  Wildcats!

And I’m not going to tarnish it with weight loss banality.  I ate food, some of which was healthy, some of which was not.  And I had Popeye’s. It was good. Cold night, ya know?

Have a good one.


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