Day 734–Forecasting

As of yesterday at 7pm, the forecast for next week involved rain today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…and that’s where it ended.  This, of course, is a problem for soccer practice, soccer games, exercising by walking outside, and anything else where being soaking wet is a detriment, especially when the soaking wet is accompanied by 45 degree temperatures.

Today, the forecast still had the cold, but the rain disappeared.  I know better than to trust weather forecasts (especially here in the great state of Texas) but it gives me hope that we will be able to practice and play our games next week.  It’ll be nice to get back into rhythm, schedule-wise, and I know the kids are ready to play.

I bring this up because as I look ahead for the next couple of months, things have the potential to get crazy…and therefore bad news for my weight.  I’ve got my last two classes for the MACM, one of which involves being out of town and therefore great potential for eating out.  My parents are coming down, which will be awesome but we’ll of course show off a lot of the places we like to eat.  We’ve got our ski trip, and nothing satisfies after skiing like comfort food (and I don’t know how they do the food now, but if its anything like it used to be, its going to be amazing).  And then potentially the biggest blow of all, the season ends somewhere in here, so I won’t be out running around with the kids everyday.

Gotta step it up. I can do this…even with an uncertain forecast.

Breakfast–A cherry chocolate chip torte Larabar.  I love those things.

Lunch–I walked down to Wendy’s, and they completely screwed my order over.  I ended up eating three regular chicken nuggets (which suck compared to the spicy chicken nuggets), some fries (they were old and not good), and a side salad.  The salad was fine.  The walk was fine.  The other parts were a disappointment.

Dinner–Whole wheat shell pasta, chicken apple sausage, some onion, red bell pepper, carrot, and a splash of Riesling for one heck of a great pasta dinner.  Under 400 calories, lots of deliciousness.

Church tomorrow, the return of Life Groups, and good times with friends.

Have a good one.


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