Day 732–Rainout

My freshman year of college I stopped wearing a watch.  Just woke up one day, decided I was tired of being on a “schedule,” and stuck it to the man.  I then proceeded to be late to classes, chapel, skip classes entirely, etc., most of which was completely unrelated to not wearing a timepiece and completely related to being lazy.

Since then, I’ve worn a watch for Trek, I wear a watch at practice (sometimes…I usually forget it), and that’s it.  Don’t like them.  If I absolutely NEED to know what time it is, I can find a clock or look at my phone.  It has led to me rarely having a good grasp on time of day, which I think has trickled down (or up?) into having no idea what day of the week it is, or day of the month.  My dad informed me that he and my mom were going to really nice restaurant this weekend in Dallas. I stupidly asked if there was any reason or if it was just for fun. They’re going THE DAY BEFORE HIS BIRTHDAY. I’m an idiot.

Part of the problem is a lack of a regular schedule.  In college and grad school I kept it together because of MWF and TR classes…whatever I did yesterday, I should do the opposite today.  At the churches I’ve worked for, Wednesdays, Sundays, and my days off were my compass.  Westbury had a MWF and TR schedule as well, although occasionally I got those confused as well. (Many of my former students and colleagues are either nodding in agreement or having a moment of epiphany right now. Apologies.)  Recently I’ve only been able to go by our practice and game schedule, and with the Christmas break and the deluge of rain the last few days, we haven’t have a game in a month (including today’s rainout) and have practiced twice in the last three weeks.  Throw in camping, days of inservice for my teaching friends (something else I occasionally reference for guidance) and a wonky schedule for Abby this week and I’m just lost.  I thought today was Friday, I still think it’s the first week of January…I’m temporally lost.

And of course, I have no idea where my watch is.

Breakfast–Smoothie time!  4 oz each of frozen strawberries, cherries, and blueberries, a banana, and a splash of orange juice blended into goodness.  I need to get some yogurt though…it was missing the extra body that dairy provides.

Lunch–Buffalo chicken, bacon, and sauteed peppers with fig balsamic glaze on delicious sandwiches.  Cleaning out the fridge is fuuuuuuun.

Snack–A gigantic bowl of ice cream.  Clearly, the craving was not satisfied.  Also, I’m a weak, weak man.

Dinner–A six inch turkey with bacon from Subway (pickles, cucumbers, jalapenos, lettuce, green pepper, and black pepper on wheat), a Pink Lady apple (the Mary of all apples), and some peanut butter chocolate kettle corn.  And a handful of gummy bears.

Practice tomorrow, because it’ll be dry and tomorrow is Friday (98% sure on that one), grocery shopping for Life Groups and cake testing, and I really need to start reading for my classes this semester. Maybe I’ll remember to do that tomorrow?

Have a good one.


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