Day 728–Return of the Television

This is why all the New Years’ Resolutions about losing weight fail: the Spring TV schedule kicks back up with all of our favorite shows and we end up being held hostage by our DVR.  Why workout when you can sit in front of the TV and lose brain cells?  Thankfully we got our exercise out of the way before the madness of Sunday night…Once Upon A Time (which is so. freaking. slow.), The Biggest Loser (being saved until tomorrow), and of course…Downton Abbey.  Social media everywhere will be atwitter (see what I did there?) for the next few months…be forewarned.

In exercise news, apparently there’s a lake near our apartment.  A relatively large lake, ingeniously designed so as to be incredibly tiny while having a massive amount of “shoreline.”  It was an absolutely gorgeous day: clear skies, brisk air, a slight breeze…perfect for outdoors activities.  It was also a good opportunity to use my Nike+ app, which laid dormant on my phone for a year since we left Denver and just recently achieved resurrection status.  It’s not perfect though…which made me consider a heart rate monitor.  Anyone use one like a Polar or a MIO?  Any suggestions?  Or does my phone work just as well?

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon oatmeal!  Fast, great, and a perfect before-church meal.

Lunch–Genghis.  I’m sure you’re shocked by that.  Beef bowl with celery, carrots, broccoli, jalapeno, pineapple, edamame and black beans, and brown rice.  Splendid.

Exercise–A 2.75 mile walk around the lake.  And let me tell you…plantar fasciitis sucks.  Especially when its just starting. Yet another problem with being overweight.

Dinner–An omelette.  Two eggs, half a jalapeno sausage link, some onion, jalapeno, and potato.  Coupled with a side salad, it was delicious.

Snack–While shopping today we found peanut butter-chocolate drizzled kettle corn.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It was AMAZING.  A few cups of that (throughout the day) and I’m a happy boy.

Last day of break tomorrow…then the season restarts and we make our charge towards the playoffs.

Have a good one.


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