Day 721–Last Post of 2012

You may be saying to yourself, “But…its only the 30th!  Can’t this joker read a calendar?” (No…no I can’t. But that’s not the point.)

For tomorrow night, I’ll be out in the “wilderness” of Brazos Bend State Park with my compadres, celebrating the end of 2012 without my phone, computer, or the obnoxiousness of NYE shows.  I’ll miss you as I’m freezing my fingers off in the rain for the next three days.

It’s been a good year from a culinary standpoint, and a not-so-good year from a weight-loss standpoint.  I started out strong because of Bonnie Ruth’s and not eating during work, but that was a pipe dream.  I got to try some amazing food in Israel, started a quasi-business for baking, was able to do some great cooking with friends…I liked it.  I think I’ll try to make it even better next year.

Breakfast–A little over half a serving of Chocolate Mini Wheats before church.  Part of losing weight is eating breakfast, even if lunch comes soon after.  Just needs to be regulated.

Lunch–We tried Guru Burgers and Crepes in Sugar Land.  The burgers were awesome…the crepes sucked. I had a salmon burger (slider actually) and a buffalo burger (slider); the buffalo one had BBQ sauce made with Mexican Coca Cola and bacon.  Pretty amazing.  The dessert crepe was supposed to be smores-flavored, but it was really just crappy marshmallow filling in a burnt crepe and flavorless chocolate sauce.  Not impressed…they need to hire me.

Dinner–Peanut butter, peach jelly, and banana sandwiches.  Cleaning out our food supply before we leave!

Party time tomorrow…don’t get too crazy now.

Have a good one. (Day and New Year!)


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