Day 720–Desirable Area Code Edition

If you don’t get it, don’t worry. I’ll explain it when you’re older.

Today was one of the crazier days I’ve had in a long time…doesn’t take much to spice up my life over the break.  We started packing/organizing for our New Years’ Camping Extravaganza, which should be an epic debacle thanks to the weather (yay for camping in the cold and rain!) but fun thanks to the excellent company.  I discovered that while I still had my camping stove (packed away exactly where I would have put it after my last Trek over five years ago…) I didn’t have any of the fuel for it. This prompted a trip to Bass Pro Shop…WHY DO PEOPLE GO TO BASS PRO SHOP?! For hunting and fishing I guess I can understand the allure, but for camping purposes go to REI people.  If there was an REI close to us I would pick it ten times out of ten.  Alas, there is not, and I needed some MSR IsoPro. I felt like I had been to Camping Disney afterwards. Blech.

Before that little journey, we had dinner with Leah and her mom.  It was very nice to meet Leah’s mom and assure her (I hope) that her daughter is in good hands down here in H-town.  If we managed to make it worse…sorry.  Either way, welcome to Houston Ms. Bouteller…good luck with your little hellions in a week.

Before THAT, I went to lunch with some former students for a two hour journey through the Looking Glass where somehow we had exactly one intelligent conversation.  It was fun though, and ended with some pictures we can’t put on Facebook because Richard likes sharp things. True story.

Before that, Man U won.  And the day ended with Texas winning.  So…good bookends to the day.

As I promised a few days ago, I have some numbers for you.  I clocked in at 232 this morning, which for those of you keeping track means I’m still 15 down from my fluffiest but I’ve gained twenty pounds since April.  Not okay.  Some of that is due to moving and changing jobs repeatedly, but most of it is due to being lazy and not holding myself accountable.  I’m also not going to lose twenty pounds in the next two days, so that goal is shot.

But it can and will be better in 2013; I’m just starting a little behind.

Breakfast–Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats (yes…there is such a thing, and yes, they’re delicious) with a sliced banana while watching my boys stomp on West Brom. Good call, and Glory Glory Man United.

Lunch–Freebirds!  I had a cayenne freebird with white meat chicken, black beans, cilantro-lime rice, lettuce, lime juice, salsa, cilantro, and corn salsa.  No chips.  Go me!

Snack–Some peanut butter with chocolate chips melted together, and another banana.

Dinner–Johnny Carino’s.  We were going to go to Lupe, but the wait was ridiculous.  I had a wedge salad with the house vinaigrette instead of ranch and a mini calamari.  Yes I like calamari. Get over it.

Church, packing, and the inevitable Cowboy heartbreak to finish the year the way it started…with the Cowboys making me wonder why I like sports.

Have a good one.


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