Day 714–Callahan the Pirate

Huzzah for blog titles that make no sense to anyone!  You’re just going to have to deal with the ambiguity.

We arrived in Canton for the Christmas Extravaganza 2012 today, looking forward to a few days of relaxation and time with family.  The good news is that Katy will be here for the duration, so we get to spend more time with her.  Bad news is no Pa. Unfortunately, being the starving newlyweds that we are (sort of…) we take whatever time off we can get and that’s that.  Soothing the hurt a little bit, we had A) NO traffic on the way up here, which was amazing, and B) three hours at the Dairy Palace hanging out with and talking to Abby’s friend Lauren.  She’s pretty awesome, although one day she will be a famous newslady and forget us lowly normal people.  Until then its fun talking to her…we should try to do it more than once a year.

Breakfast–Two pieces of bacon and a Fiber One bar.  I’ll admit, I was scrounging a bit. Going out of town means a severe lack of groceries.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and strawberry-rhubarb sandwiches.  I didn’t know when we were going to leave, when we were going to eat, or what we were going to eat at the time of this decision.  Using my 20/20 hindsight…whoops.

Snack–I made cookies.  They sucked.  Measure your ingredients people…baking is a science.

Dinner–Deli meat sandwiches made on Hawaiian sweet rolls while driving down 90 on our way to Madisonville.  Lots of bread today…lots of sandwich goodness.  Kind of over it now.  I had one with turkey and one with turkey and ham.  Both good.

Dessert–Sour Patch Kids, again in the car.  And a giant Dr Pepper at Dairy Palace.  Honestly today just sucked, health-wise.  But it sure was fun.

Church tomorrow (somewhere…) and hopefully a game or three of 42.  Some holiday traditions can’t be broken.

Have a good one.


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