Day 710–Christmas Break

Sorry for the absence here folks.  I don’t like writing after a loss, and the last one was kind of a doozy.  Some dirty play, some jerk coaching by the other team, a bit of running up the score…wasn’t pretty.  So my apologies for getting into a funk.

The other rough news is that my weight continues to go up.  I’m just not motivated like I used to be, and my goals aren’t even helping.  It’s kind of a mess, compounded by the holidays and baking and blah blah blah…I need to be better.  The good news is that the last couple of days I’ve tried to be extra involved in practice and do some work outside of that, whether it be the Navy SEALS workout that I’ve got or taking a nice long walk to see Christmas lights with the wife.  More of that, less sugar, and I’ll be back on my way.

Breakfast–A bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest–one serving–and then I put some dried fruit and nuts on top for a little extra oomph.  Pretty solid breakfast, especially before practice.

Lunch–With finals and whatnot, practice is at 1, and it takes me almost an hour to get there, so I didn’t really eat lunch.  I had a Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabar (not as decadent as it sounds…incredibly delicious though) when I got home to ease some hunger pangs before dinner.

Dinner–We decided to try a place less than a mile from our apartment that “locals” have raved about…Taco Grill.  It’s like 100% Taquito, only not as good.  Pretty good, but not quite there yet.  If 100% is a 10, I’ll give this an 8, so not too shabby.  I had four street tacos with corn tortillas, steak, and sauteed onions/peppers/bacon.  Yes, BACON.  Hence the 8.  Pretty freaking awesome.

Dessert–A cameo apple with some chocolate/peanut butter to dip it in.  Not bad.

Hang out with the Thugs tomorrow, complete with awesome dinner.  I’m excited.

Have a good one.


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