Day 696–Empanada House!

One of the fun things about Denver was the ability to treat it like an extended vacation, because that’s what it was.  We took weekend trips, checked out restaurants, walked neighborhoods…we did everything we’d normally do if we were on a week long vacay, except it was four months.  It was also an absolute blast…exploring a city and getting to know it is a wonderful thing to do.  I longed to do that to Dallas after I moved to Abilene, and was kind of afraid I’d lost the chance to do it completely to Houston.  Now that we’re back…I’m taking the opportunity.  Starting with Katy.

Therefore we went to Marini’s Original Empanada House tonight. It wasn’t, in fact, the original but one of a couple I believe.  But it was a lot of fun…very unique, not something I’d do all the time, but still pretty cool.  I’ll recommend it.

Breakfast–Two of the listed servings of Honey Nut Cheerios.  Good cereal…helped increase my fiber intake for the day.

Lunch–Two sandwiches like yesterday, only I used rolls instead of bread to cut down the calorie intake. Which was stupid because two rolls had more calories than four pieces of bread. Whoops.  But the buffalo chicken was great, and I did barbecue seasoning on the okra instead of the cayenne.  It was good stuff.

Dinner–The aforementioned empanadas.  One spicy pulled pork, one spicy beef.  Both delicious.

Dessert–Two cups of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Wonderful.

Game tomorrow against Awty, which will test us a lot.  I believe in my team though…going to battle with them is an honor.

Have a good one, and go Wildcats.


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