Day 695–Kaboom

Well, the team is 0-3. On the bright side, we played by far our best game of the season last night; on the not so bright side, we still continue to have horrific luck. One of these days things will line up for us and the hard work will pay off in a victory.

Due to the late night predicated by the game, Abby and I were very excited about sleeping in this morning.  Unfortunately, we needed to get up early to take our cars in for service.  We dropped mine off, drove to the VW dealership, dropped Abby’s car off…and waited.  And waited. And then they told us it’d be another 2 hours.  Thankfully they were kind enough to take us to get my car–which took all of 30 minutes–so we could go home.  Then we put up Christmas decorations (finally…its been so warm I haven’t been in the mood.  And Abby’s the Grinch.) and cleaned up the apartment. Then, and only then, did they call us to come get her car. Three hours and fifteen minutes for an oil change and some brake pads.  Ridiculous.

While we were waiting at the dealership, Sealy called and requested that Abby went in for the afternoon.  This was fine, because I had soccer practice anyways, so Abby went straight from the dealership to work.  I grabbed some petrol for my car, some groceries for my lunch, went home, made said lunch, and got ready for practice…and then the skies broke apart.  Dark clouds, thunder, lightning, rain…it was pretty cool.  I ended up canceling practice (I have no idea what the weather was like in Westbury, but if it was anything like Katy I made the right call) and fell asleep on the couch for all of six minutes before a thunderclap hit so close to the apartment that it shook our couch and woke me up.  It was kind of ridiculous…kind of cool.  I really like storms…they show off a lot of power and majesty of our Creator, and they usually cool things off a bit.  Let’s hope that holds true to form.

Breakfast–We went to Steak N’ Shake for breakfast because I’ve heard its a legendary college place to go.  Not bad, very cheap.  I had a sausage and egg biscuit with hashbrowns and a peppermint chocolate chip shake (yeah…milkshake for breakfast.  It was early, I was groggy…and I’m fat.) and they were both more than passable.  Although Chick Fila’s shakes are better.

Lunch–A buffalo chicken deli sandwich with lettuce and bread and butter jalapenos, and some cayenne okra.  Solid meal.

Dinner–Pei Wei.  I wasn’t overly hungry with my caloric gluttony so far today, so I tried a salad.  Don’t go to Pei Wei for salads.  It was okay, but huge, covered in dressing, and didn’t taste good enough to merit a repeat order.

Dessert–Some homemade toffee.  I love that stuff.

Practice tomorrow should get us ready for Thursday’s game…we’re playing the best team in the district.  It’ll be a challenge.

Have a good one.



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