Day 692–Level Up

In the last 60 hours, I’ve seen a high school soccer game, an MLS Cup, and some Premier League games.  I have to tell you…there’s a HUGE difference between the three.  They may all be playing the same sport, but that’s about where the similarities end.  High schools are fast-paced, almost frenetic.  Every kid wants to push the ball forward as quickly as possible, which leads to turnovers, counterattacks, and enough head-swivelling to rival a tennis match.  The MLS is more chaotic.  It’s got the pace and control of the Premier League without the talent, so you still have turnovers and counterattacks.  Houston just didn’t have enough of the latter and too many of the former to pull out a win today.  And in the Premier League, you have some really, REALLY good football.  Man U and Reading played to a 4-3 HALF this morning, and at no time did I think one team was horribly outplaying the other. Reading came out firing, Man U responded, and they entertained.  A good day full of sport.

It’s been much the same with the progress of our WCS team.  Our first couple of practices were rough…unorganized, raw skill, lots of freneticism but lots of fun.  In our first game it was chaos. Straight chaos.  No real direction, but small bursts recognizable as soccer.  And then Thursday, in the second half, it all came together.  Yes, we lost, but it looked like football.  I’m proud of my boys and the growth they’ve made, even this short into the season.  They make me look good.

Breakfast–Muffin! They’re. So. Dense. I don’t know if I need more oil for moisture or to cut out some flour, but I might be able to kill someone if I threw one at them.  Delicious, but deadly.

Lunch–A spoonful of cookie dough. Because…

Dinner–At 3 Jason, Evan, and I went to BWW to watch the MLS Cup and I had the wing combo (6 boneless, 6 traditional, and buffalo chips) to eat.  MyFitnessPal tells me I have 1820 calories a day to play with.  That meal, not counting my Dr Pepper, was 1700.  Yikes.

Church tomorrow…it’s going to be good to be back.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve been there for a Sunday, and it feels like forever.  Although we are talking about hell in class…so it isn’t all roses and kittens.

Have a good one.

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