Day 687–Game Time

This is a random tangent that doesn’t have much to do with today’s “theme” but I had to get certified in First Aid before the season started. I searched online for a cheap-ish alternative to sitting through a four hour class, and sure enough…for twenty dollars, I’m now certified.  It took me six minutes. SIX MINUTES. I do not feel comfortable with that, even if most first aid is just common sense and calling 911.  On to more important things…

First game tomorrow.

It’s bizarre being on the sidelines for once…this is kind of the culmination of what I’ve learned over the years.  The one reason I always sucked at soccer is that while my brain knew exactly what to do, my body refused to cooperate or I just wasn’t good enough to pull it off.  Tomorrow at 7 pm against Lutheran South that’s going to repeat itself on a much grander scale…my mind in the form of one team. 16 student athletes. And I really believe we’re going to win, probably in spite of my coaching.  Stay tuned for results.

Breakfast–Chocolate Lucky Charms.  Cleaning out the fridge and pantry becomes a theme for the day.

Lunch–Spinach salad with bacon, roasted pumpkin seeds, crispy jalapeno strips, and a small dose of cherry almond-jalapeno vinaigrette.  Wonderful.

Dinner–Leftover skirt steak and onion/pepper mix diced into a two-egg omelette.  Pretty nice way to empty out the chill chest.

Dessert–Ice cream.  Again…cleaning things out.  And I love ice cream.

Wish us luck tomorrow! 7 pm. COYC! (Come on you ‘cats!)

Have a good one.


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