Day 685–3500

I learned something today (probably should have already known this, but whatever…not like I have a biology degree or anything) that will help in my weight loss efforts.  You have to have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories in order to lose a single pound.  Rough estimation says that someone my age, size, and activity level burns around 1800 calories naturally throughout the day.  That means if I wanted to lose a pound tomorrow I would have to workout to the tune of 1700 calories AND not eat.  Yikes.  The good news is that it doesn’t all have to happen in one day…that’s why we spread it out over a week or two.  It also means I have a more manageable and controllable goal to aim for instead of the slightly nebulous 1820 calories a day I have to eat, not counting exercise and trusting the MyFitnessPal database.  If I’m under by 500 calories a day, however I do it, I’ll lose a pound over the course of a week.  Totally doable.

Breakfast–Thomas’ English Muffin with apple butter.  And oh yeah…the English Muffin was CRANBERRY. It was AWESOME.  I’m totally over cinnamon raisin breakfast products, but cranberry? I’m on it.

Lunch–Blue Goose for Jenna and Seth’s going away soiree.  I had pork tamales and more chips and salsa than I should have. Really good stuff though.

Dinner–Arby’s.  Once again, my dreams of going to Five Guys went by the wayside, but once again the replacement was totally worth it.  Large roast beef sandwich and medium curly fries. Boom.

Going back to Houston tomorrow…had a great time with the family over the holidays.  And yes, I mean holidays.  We did Thanksgiving on Thursday and Christmas on Friday due to our limited time together this year.  I hope you all were able to relax and enjoy the weekend like I did!

Have a good one.


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