Day 681–Joyful Joyful

One of the things we talked about at Fall Retreat was the difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness, in my definition, was a fleeting sense of pleasure–the Cowboys winning a game, a good meal, a funny TV show.  Joy, however, is a feeling deep within your soul that gratifies on a completely different plane.  Seeing my wife enjoy and excel at her job brings me joy.  Cooking for other people brings me joy.  Watching the proverbial light bulb go on about Christ in someone else brings me joy.

I say this because I experienced two different sources of joy today.  The first is one I relish because it reminds me of how fragile I am and by proxy how unimportant this life truly is.  Casey’s great-grandmother passed away this morning at the sterling age of 99.  Casey said it was a time of sadness as well as a time of joy–joy because there’s no more sadness for her, no more pain for her, just the eternal bliss of being with Christ.  So often we, as Christians, get caught up in the here and now–sometimes for completely legitimate and important reasons like the loss of a loved one or helping a friend through times of sorrow–but we can’t ever forget this is not our true home.  If this is all we have it would be a great gift, but a fleeting one.  The promise of something better is the ultimate motivator.

The second form of joy came in the guise of dinner with a good friend.  I felt compelled, for whatever reason, to forgo the HBU game (which was apparently ridiculous…they lost in OT) to spend time with Abby.  However, we already had plans to take the Toys to the airport so they could go to Denver (lucky!) for Thanksgiving.  And Abby had made plans to have dinner with Kimberly.  Thankfully, Kim and Abs were kind enough to let me crash their party.  We had good food, great conversation, and lots of laughs, including a better understand of family dynamics (you may think your family is weird, but trust me–they all are).  Don’t even know if you read this Kim, but I appreciate you and your friendship!

Breakfast–I promised yesterday that I would eat before practice, and I delivered.  Fiber One bar. Boom.

Lunch–Wendy’s.  I was craving Dr Pepper and didn’t feel like bombing the grocery store with my post-practice stank.  Spicy Chicken Sandwich with half the bun removed, fries, and a large DP.  Scrumptious.

Snack–I know this isn’t how exercising works, but since I worked through practice I rewarded myself with some ice cream.

Dinner–Lupe Tortilla.  Carnita tacos, which in my experience with food, that wasn’t carnitas, but whatever. It was still good.

One more airport note: remind me to never fly on Thanksgiving.  Wow.  Hobby was a mess.

Dallas tomorrow!

Have a good one. Or better yet, have a joyful one.


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