Day 679–Accountable

Today was one of those where the best laid plans of mice and men couldn’t have prevented the inevitable caloric disaster that ensued.  We tried. We really did.  Although I did have help from my friends, which I greatly appreciate…like I’ve said multiple times, I couldn’t do this without you.

Breakfast–A Fiber One bar.  I had every intention of eating something more substantial, then slept in a bit, followed it with a cold shower, and barely made it to church on time.  Whoopsies.

Lunch–This is where things get wonky.  We had planned on coming home for lunch so I could sear off a flank steak, made some nutritious salads, and enjoy a healthy and cheap lunch.  Then, halfway through service a craving for Five Guys hit me like none other…specifically their fries. Sweet sweet cajun fries.  So we changed plans to that, only to be invited to lunch with the Smiths from church, which was awesome because I love their family.  We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, which I LOVE, and I threw down twelve wings and some buffalo chips.  According to my handy-dandy MyFitnessPal, that came out to around 1400 calories.  I get 1820 on my plan.  Whoops.

Dinner–Homemade gumbo, courtesy of Mrs. Cheryl Britt and her awesomeness.  I’ve actually never had gumbo before…not sure why, because it was AMAZING.  I limited myself to a small helping (again, the benefits of MyFitnessPal…I knew I was creeping on my limit) and a “serving”–whatever the heck that means–of her Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. Wowza.

Dessert–See…this shouldn’t be happening. I already had dessert! Its right there on the line above! You can look! So I had the ice cream out, the scoop ready, and then the voice of reason stepped in through the form of Evan St. Germain. “Is this one of those times where I should stop you? Because we have apples in the fridge…”  Yes Evan, you should.  And thank you for doing that.  One cup of Blue Bell Cookies and Cream is 360 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 34 grams of sugar.  The apple had 40 calories, no fat, and 9 grams of sugar.  Easy choice.  Thanks for holding me accountable Evan.

Practice tomorrow, working out tomorrow (Whaaaaaaa?!), and no class work this week…its Thanksgiving silly.

Have a good one.


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