Day 677–Cranberries Aren’t Good

There are certain foods that I often ponder about…mainly the question “Why? Why do we eat that?!” Most dairy products fall under this umbrella–“That milk seems to have developed mold, hardened, and changed color…lets eat it!”–as well as the literal Russian Roulette of mushrooms.  You have to think the first ones tried weren’t fatal and it got worse from there.  Cranberries definitely fit this mold…a strange, hard berry floating in a bog that tastes like absolute death unless doused in copious amounts of sugar or some other substance to make it behave.  I once ate a raw cranberry while walking through Central Market and almost collapsed at how bad it was.  But I’d seen a lot of great-looking recipes recently, calling for fresh, raw cranberries baked into goodies that popped with flavor and color.  So I made one of those tonight, some apple-cranberry cookies, and thought something was wrong with the dough.  Nope…turns out the cranberries just tainted everything they touched.  The apple-y bites were awesome.  The red-stained morsels?  The kiss of death.

Breakfast–Cranberry-pistachio bread from HEB.  I think they soaked their cranberries in sugar water beforehand…either that or I just got a bad life’s worth of cranberries so far.

Lunch–Leftover Pei Wei from last night.  It was goooooood.

Dinner–Mexican Pot Roast.  I’m still acting like its Autumn here in Houston, even if its in the 70s again.  It turned out really well–thank you Crock Pot–and there’s enough leftover for one or two more meals.  Boom.

No practice tomorrow, but lots of cleaning. And maybe an HBU game?

Have a good one.


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