Day 675–What’s In A Number?

Handed out jerseys today at practice.  I’m amazed/impressed how attached high school kids can be to a number on a jersey, although I have to admit I remember my football numbers from middle school (85 and 83 I believe…I preferred 85) and I’ve worn the same number in basketball, intramurals, and “life” for the last 15 years.  I chose my number because it was my dad’s number…I’m not nearly the athlete he was, but I felt like I was continuing what legacy there was by honoring him with the good old 34.  I think we grow attached to numbers and teams as talismans of sorts, like the number 34 is going to make me a better athlete or wearing burnt orange is going to somehow make the Longhorns not play like, well…the Longhorns.  I wish I had as much faith in myself to lose weight and live healthier as I do in a simple two digit number…its the three digit number of my weight that seems to be controlling things though.  227 and going up…not okay.

Breakfast–Chocolate Lucky Charms.  I just wanted something sweet, ya know?

Lunch–Oriental Ramen with broccoli, orange bell pepper, and a squirt of sriracha.  It’s such a great, cheap, filling meal for the cooler months…whatever that means in Houston.

Dinner–Whole wheat penne pasta with orange bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, red pepper flakes, and some lardons.  Really great meal.

Dessert–Leftover cake from Ooh La La bakery last night.  Abby and I went to see Skyfall last night (which was…entertaining?) and got incredible cake beforehand.  So I finished it off today.  Boom.

Fun times with the St. Germains, Toys, and Gutowskys tomorrow night.  I’m pumped.


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