Day 664–Necessity is the Mother of Invention

And in the case of today, necessity came calling in the form of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  It had been three whole days since I baked something, and I was getting twitchy. My love of chocolate and pumpkin is well documented in this space through breads, muffins, pies, and now cookies.  The problem is that most of the pumpkin cookie recipes I’ve looked at just didn’t cut it…so I made my own.  Turned out pretty well too, although when I bake up the rest of them I’m going to need to sprinkle a little more salt on top.  Bring out the flavors of the pumpkin, cinnamon, and chocolate a little more.  All in all, incredibly successful venture, and its always fun to make something up.

Breakfast–Heritage flakes with dried fruits and seeds.  I actually craved something healthy…turning a corner perhaps?

Lunch–Leftover Pho!  It was perfect…warm, salty, spicy, savory, even a bit sweet (from what, I have NO idea).  And Texas won while I was watching, so that’s nice.

Dinner–Leftover beans and cornbread from…last week?  I don’t even remember.  It was awesome though.  Good to clean out the fridge AND get a few great meals out of it.  Win/win.

Dessert–A couple of the aforementioned cookies.  They ended up about two inches across, so bite-sized bundles of joy.

Church, Life Group, and a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.

Have a good one.


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