Day 663–Phones and Pho

After the first week of practice, I can say with absolutely certainty that I’m exhausted.  I don’t know if this kids are tired at all, but I am worn out…apparently it’s more stressful than I gave it credit for in the beginning.  I’m glad I get a day off tomorrow!

The good news is that, because I had such a janky (look it up) week, Abby decided I needed to be pampered.  That means one thing: Pho Saigon.

Before we got to the deliciousness of dinner though, we needed to make a stop by the AT&T store.  Abby woke up this morning and the home key on her iPhone 3GS stopped working completely.  Thankfully, we both became eligible for upgrades last week.  Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, we went on the hunt for newer iPhone 4S models.  I know some of you may be saying “Um…they just came out with the 5. You bought old stuff.” And in response I’d say “Yes. Yes we did.”  But the 5’s still have some kinks to work out, they’re twice as expensive, and the things they do (bigger screen! use more data!) don’t really matter to us a whole lot.  We’re very happy with the new (to us) phones…hopefully they’ll last as long as our 3GS models did!

Breakfast–Classic Lucky Charms before my class meeting this morning.  I’m not overly coherent 15 minutes out of bed…

Lunch–A hunk of bread with peanut butter.  When I was at the store last time I had to make a choice between “health” (its peanut butter…if you aren’t making it at home yourself, it isn’t overly healthy) and price.  Price won, so I now have a tub of Peter Pan pb in my pantry.  This is awesome on two accounts:  1) It’s cheaper than the Jif Natural I’ve been buying and 2) I grew up on Peter Pan.  It literally tastes like childhood.  Great lunch.

Dinner–PHO SAIGON.  I got the white meat chicken bowl–large, so I’d have leftovers–and Abby and I split a pork spring roll.  Absolutely amazing, and I have lunch for tomorrow.  I love that place…big ole bowl of happiness.

I have nothing to do tomorrow but write the beginning of a paper and work on Fall Retreat, and I couldn’t be happier.

Have a good one.


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