Day 661–Happy Halloween

If I had started this thing five days earlier (almost two years ago) I would have had day 666 on Halloween.  Certain things just shouldn’t happen.

Yesterday was not, in fact, epic.  It was decent. Not great. Tolerable.  I’d do it again I suppose.  Whoops.

My uncle, when referring to the Katy area, calls I-10 “the river.”  He says you never under any circumstances want to go north of the river.  Today we had to go north of the river, because we needed cat food and craved Arby’s.  It was just as disastrous as predicted.  Part of this, I confess, had to do with going to Walmart on Halloween. DON’T EVER GO TO WALMART ON HALLOWEEN.  Those weren’t even costumes…shudder.

Practice was a blast today because we focused on offense.  An hour and a half of straight shooting.  At the end of it I like to do penalty shots to determine how many laps they need/get to run, usually by me playing “goalie” and the kids making me look like an idiot.  Today I switched roles because our starting keeper was at practice.  Not gonna lie…for some inexplicable reason I turned into freaking Pele for five minutes.  I have very little discernible skill at soccer, I usually can’t shoot or pass straight, and force/accuracy is a complete crapshoot.  Today I was literally unstoppable.  I felt so bad at my random stroke of luck I took a lap off their end total. Thems the breaks.

My Halloween is ending with a viewing of Young Frankenstein, which Abby doesn’t think is funny. This is unacceptable.

Breakfast–Classic Lucky Charms.  Awesomeness.

Lunch–Arby’s! I had a roast beef sandwich and one of their new turkey sandwiches with fries.  The roast beef was delicious as always…the turkey needs to go away. Bring back the chicken Arby’s.

Dinner–Pasta carbonara.  Spaghetti with bacon, garlic, and green peas.  It was really, really good.

Dessert–A massive piece of my dark chocolate pumpkin pie.  I love that pie.

St. Germains, New Girl, and practice tomorrow.  Gonna work on some defense.

Have a good one.


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