Day 659–Happy Birthday Kimberly!

So our friends the Gutowskys decided to engage in an epic game of oneupsmanship (its totally a word) over the last month.  Joel is a huge Astros fan, so Kimberly surprised him by taking him to Chicago to watch the last series of the year in Wrigley. Joel, on the other hand, decided to throw Kim not one but TWO surprise parties with friends.  Last night a group from their church got together for dinner (whilst we were participating in the carving of the pumpkins) and tonight ten of us met for dinner at Lupe Tortilla.  Apparently they don’t do surprises that often, but if the trend continues, Joel’s birthday in February is going to be chaotic and awesome. I’m excited. (And then my birthday’s going to happen two weeks later and be a dud. Sweet.)

Practice was phenomenal today.  We found ourselves a goalie, I switched a couple of positions on the fly with great success, and generally felt in control the entire time. I’d call that a win.  Now I just need to keep it up for four more months.

Breakfast–Bagels!  Cinnamon Crunch and Cherry Vanilla.  I couldn’t stop at one…carb fail.

Lunch–Leftover soup from Gringo’s that I somehow heated to a molten consistency and burned the fire out of my mouth.  Impressive for a broth-based soup with no dairy in it.

Dinner–Lupe Tortilla fajitas, because why would you go to Lupe and not get fajitas?  Beef with corn tortillas. That’s where its at.  And the leftovers will be consumed tomorrow…I’m already excited about it.

Tomorrow is going to be EPIC.  I’ve two great days in a row…I hope the hot streak continues.  But even if it doesn’t, God is still God, and that’s more than enough for me.

Have a good one.


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