Day 658–Pumpkin Carving

A time honored tradition for the St. Germain/Toy/Henderson Life Group is the annual pumpkin carving bonanza.  A tarp, lots of cheap plastic tools, and two dozen pumpkins can lead to one crazy night.  I chose to carve mine in the image of the FC Dallas bull mascot (their season ended today…sad face), which happened to look exactly like Toro from the Houston Texans.  Convenient when I didn’t want to take it home…

We also got to enjoy Casey’s favorite part of pumpkin carving: roasting the seeds.  I must say, they were pretty amazing.  A nice salty ending to a meal filled with comfort-food indulgence, courtesy of me. (Who else?)

This weekend also saw the Moores come down to visit so Abby could check some eyes and dispense some glasses.  Having six people in our apartment was interesting (hint: not enough room) but its always a special time when family is around, and it was awesome to get to show off our church to them.  Sugar Grove didn’t disappoint either, with a great sermon, incredible worship, and class wasn’t too bad. (I taught, so there you go).

Breakfast–Beer bread and a bagel.  We had every conceivable breakfast option out (that we owned at least) from cereal to toast to oatmeal to granola, with frozen waffles and eggs and whatnot in the freezer/fridge.  I just wanted some bread.

Lunch–Gringo’s!  I had tortilla soup, and by that I mean I ate WAY too many chips with salsa and therefore only ate half my soup.  At least I’ve got lunch for tomorrow.

Dinner–Beans, cornbread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin seeds.  I made my honey-cayenne cornbread with doctored up pinto beans, then whipped up a few of my pumpkin pies, including one with dark chocolate ganache on top.  Shockingly (to me at least) it was the most popular.  Thankfully I also made a chocolate sauce and cinnamon whipped cream to help the “normal” pumpkin pie get eaten.  I’m quite full though.

Practice starts tomorrow! Woohoo!

Have a good one.


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