Day 656–Cold Snap

64. The high in Houston today was 64. It was absolutely GLORIOUS.  It was nice enough to open the door and let in a little fresh air, and then it actually got chilly enough to have to close it.  If it was the start of colder weather here, it’d be great, but it’s supposed to be 80 again by Wednesday.  Sure is nice while its going on though!

The Moores are coming to hang out for the weekend, which is awesomeness.  Grandma came all the way from Pennsylvania to get her eyes checked, and Katy’s coming down from Abilene.  Going to be a packed house, but company is always appreciated.

Breakfast–Chocolate Lucky Charms.  Still great, but the lack of variety is problematic.

Lunch–Leftover pumpkin chili and honey-cayenne cornbread.  On a related note, I made pumpkin chili last night!  For the Thursday night running sessions we’ve been trying to come up with things I can make in advance and bring with us to the St. Germains.  Last night we decided to share the goodness…and man, it was good!  The leftovers rock too.

Dinner–Maple-roasted acorn squash filled with sauteed sweet potato, apple, and peanuts.  The filling was supposed to be made with pecans but I didn’t have any, and it was supposed to be made with substantially less sage than I added…read the recipe incorrectly.  Other than over-saging and not being able to get the maple syrup to caramelize, it was really REALLY good.  Great fall meal.

Dessert–…but it wasn’t perfect.  So we decided to get some cake from Ooh La La bakery.  I had part of a piece of chocolate Italian creme cake… the part that’s left is calling out to me from the fridge.

Tomorrow I’m making a lot of pie and hanging out with family.  Kind of a perfect Saturday.

Have a good one.


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