Day 653–Holding Shape

Manchester United managed to pull off another ridiculous, come-from-behind victory today, giving up a brace to Alan before a brace from Chicharito and a lucky backheel from Jonny Evans claimed the three points.  The annoying part is that the two goals they gave up in the first twenty minutes were utterly pathetic.  A complete failure by the defense to mark attacking players coupled with the inability to maintain shape left them open to goals…probably should have been more than two.  Holding shape refers to players–in this instance the backline of defenders–maintaining position and a line of defense.  If someone moves out, someone else has to come in to take his place.  It’s the same principle in basketball of switching on a pick and roll.  It’s not difficult, it just requires discipline and a little concentration.

Holding shape in life is proving to be just as complicated as Man U made it look today.  With everything I’ve got going on, if I take time and effort to work on one thing, I have to be able to shift back and cover all my bases.  Concentrating on soccer all day leaves school work high and dry, and spending all my time at church means keeping the house clean suffers.  It’s a delicate balance, one I’m working on mastering.

Breakfast–Lucky Charms, of the chocolate variety.  Still wonderful.

Lunch–Ramen, of the oriental variety.  I diced up some asparagus and zucchini, added a splash of soy sauce and sriracha, and bob’s your uncle.  I’m still not sure what that means, but it sounds cool when Jamie Oliver says it, so there you go.

Dinner–Potatoes, of the baked variety.  I sliced up some chicken, added onions and spinach, another splash of sriracha, and piled it all on a baked potato.  Really, really great meal.

Dessert–Abby decided to treat me to DQ, so I had a Reese’s Blizzard.  It was goooooooood.

Day off for Abby tomorrow! Woohoo!

Have a good one.


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