Day 652–Romans 13:1

You know how sometimes you just have those days where everything seems to go wrong, or at least slightly off-kilter?  Welcome to my Monday.

Started out by being completely unable to go to sleep last night, so I was up until 2:30 working on a project for school because I couldn’t turn my brain off and that seemed like the most productive way to focus my energy.  Logically, that led to me thinking about being done with this class and graduating next August, so I got on ACU’s website to try to register for my last “summer” class.  Guess what? It’s not being offered!  At least not yet…according to the GST, its usually offered “at the end of the summer…basically part of the fall semester.”  In other words, it’ll be offered AFTER COMMENCEMENT, if at all.  They haven’t talked about it yet, or even discussed when August commencement is going to be in the first place.  So I may walk, then take my last class (and at the same time completely interfere with any teaching job I might have since it’ll be the second or third week of August) or I might not be able to graduate  at all in the summer and be forced to wait until December.  Stellar.

Anyways, so I didn’t sleep well, woke up feeling tremendously groggy, then realized I had to do laundry because everything was dirty and if I wanted to leave the house (which I did…conditioning this afternoon) then I needed to clean me some clothes.   This led to me working on more class stuff while sitting in the living room so I could hear the washing machine and know the second it was done.  In case you were wondering, my clothes finished drying 7 minutes before I needed to walk out the door for practice.

At practice we got to deal with the awesomeness that is Houston in late October–88 degrees with 85% humidity.  Autumn will happen in January, or so I’m told.  We had another weak turnout for conditioning (although I greatly appreciate the kids that do come consistently. I’m definitely remembering that) and some weak effort from a few kids, and then on my way home some moron tried to run me off the tollway because he doesn’t know how to merge (a common problem here in Houston).  He tried to run me into the wall, then when I finally got into the lane, he sped up next to me and tried to swerve into my car before speeding off.  Best part?  They worked for an automotive repair company.  Trying to create business fellas?

Thankfully, my lovely wife had the brilliant idea to go out for barbecue for dinner, saving me the task of trying to cook dinner, and I’ve been able to relax a little bit. You know, when I’m not trying to figure out why I’m friends with some people and their idiotic political ramblings.  I’m glad I serve a King and not a president.

Breakfast–Chocolate Lucky Charms. Duh.  Cereal night let me reload the pantry with goodness.

Lunch–Omelette (or omelet? Should I say omelet because I’m a boy? Or check with the gender of the egg? French is dumb sometimes) with asparagus, zucchini, and flank steak.  It was…meh.

Dinner–Red River Barbecue, courtesy of Groupon.  Thanks Groupon.  I had ribs, turkey, and lots of okra…the fried variety.  I wonder why eating badly makes you seemingly feel better? Because I’ll bet I regret it tomorrow…

More conditioning, more school work, and (hopefully) a little more sleep tomorrow.

Have a good one.


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