Day 651–Cereal Night

One of the great things about Life Group is always the food.  It gives a great communal feel to the evening, it gives a focal point to the festivities, and its always delicious.  Tonight, we had one of the smarter ideas of the Family Shoulders: CEREAL NIGHT.  It’s exactly what it sounds like…everyone brings cereal and we share and relish the carby, sugary goodness until its gone or we’re so full we can’t eat anymore.  We don’t do it very often (Because its REALLY unhealthy) but when we do, its party time.

Breakfast–I can’t decide what’s worse…not eating breakfast or eating the two pieces of candied bacon I had for breakfast today.  Given how my stomach felt all morning, I’m going with the latter.

Lunch–Wendy’s.  Spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and water.  That’s right…water. Healthy choice? Nope…just cheap.

Dinner–Cereal. Duh.  A bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms (woo!) and a bowl of Cookie Crisp, which has really REALLY gone downhill since I was a kid.

Sorry for the shorter post tonight.  Watching Dexter and I have a lot on my mind.  I’ll try to do better.

Have a good one.


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