Day 650–Secretary of the Risk Club

So, confession time.

When we were in high school, my friends and I played Risk a lot.  It inevitably devolved into yelling, screaming, laughing, cursing (gasp!), and the occasional set of hurt feelings/bouts of physical violence.  It also led to us forming a club at our school: The Risk Club.  This was, without a doubt, a shameless attempt to bolster college resumes because it was the 6-8 of us all the time with one of our favorite teachers.  Because we started it, we all got to pick officer titles.  I was the Secretary of the Risk Club.  I am a cool kid.

I bring this up because at the St. Germains tonight we busted out the Risk board and taught Joel how to play.  And by that I mean I ended up wiping him off the board to win.  Mission Risk, with a card where I had to control Asia, and I won. Booyah.

And for my friends from high school, I repeatedly yelled “I can do this all night!” after every one-and-one.  You would have been proud.

Breakfast–More apple danish.  Good way to start the day, and nice break from cereal.

Lunch–Broke down and got Pei Wei.  We’ve been doing really well with budgeting so far (all twenty days of it) and I knew I had a little extra to treat myself, so I did.  Pei Wei combo size of Mandarin Kung Pao chicken with brown rice and extra vegetables, with a spring roll on the side.  Deliciousness.

Snack–Greedily devouring that A&M loss. Hook ’em.

Dinner–Brinner!  Or is it Brenner? Who knows.  I made candied bacon (bacon with a little brown sugar and a spice rub) and pumpkin chocolate chip waffles.  I’m still full.  The waffles sucked as waffles (weird recipe, I don’t wanna talk about it) but as a pile of pumpkin-y goodness with maple syrup they were amazing.  Next time I follow a real recipe, like my good friend Alton Brown’s.

Did I mention Texas won? Because they did.  It wasn’t pretty, but better than the last two weeks.

Church, Life Group, and more hang out time tomorrow. Practice starts in a week y’all.

Have a good one.


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