Day 649–Argo

If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what I really wanted to name this blog. But alas, that crosses a few too many boundaries, even for me. If you get the joke, you’re welcome for the laugh. If you don’t? Don’t worry too much. I’ll tell you when you’re older.

Today we started to see some cracks in the facade.  We had a group “meeting” over Google Hangout for my grad class and accomplished very little.  But it meant I had to get up early, after staying up late last night being all social and stuff, and so about 11 o’clock I fell asleep again. Mid-day naps, when actually needed and not just a luxury, are wonderful.  I did dishes, I did laundry, I picked up a little bit, I ran errands (that I almost forgot to run)…everything was just humming along and then Abby sent me a text saying she had a late patient come in and that she wasn’t going to make it home before our movie experience, so I was going to go pick her up and head to Sugar Land from the office.  Now, last Friday she was in Katy.  And last Saturday.  And if you’ve kept up with this blog at all, you know I’m notorious for not knowing what day it is.  So I jumped in my car, took off to go get her, walked into the office, found a very confused office manager and asked where Dr. Henderson was. Her response?  “At Town and Country…it’s Friday.”


Luckily, her patient cancelled due to incompetence and so she was able to come home anyways.  I made dinner, we made it to the movie on time, and the Katy office thinks I’m an idiot.  Really I’m just stretched a bit thin.

Breakfast–Apple danish, courtesy of the clearance rack at Kroger.  Gas rewards, the bread clearance rack, and Kroger brand ice cream are really the only reasons to shop at Kroger. HEB wins by a mile. These, however, were worth the trip south.

Lunch–Peanut butter and jelly. It was, you know…a sandwich.

Dinner–Penne e fagioli. Whole wheat penne pasta, diced bacon, sauteed asparagus and zucchini, a little garlic, cannellini beans, and a squeeze of lemon.  Needed more garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes, but ultimately delicious. Another solid, filling meal.

Dessert–We saw Argo at Star Cinema Grill, courtesy of a Groupon.  What would have cost us 25 dollars (two tickets and a large popcorn) ultimately cost us 10.  Not bad.  Anyways, I had a shake at the movie (which yes, cost a bit more, but for the purpose of the exercise I stuck to the basics).  It was weak sauce.  The movie made up for it though…awesome movie, great friends, really cool place to catch a flick.  I’m a fan.

Tomorrow Casey, Kim, and Audrey run the Sugar Grove 5K because they’re awesome!  Good luck ladies!

Have a good one.


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