Day 648–The Capital of North Carolina is Washington, D.C.

Yeah…my group of adult friends (two ministers, three teachers, two doctors, and…me) sat around and quoted Talladega Nights this evening.  We’re mature.

Today was a prime example of switching “hats” quickly, as it were.  I woke up and worked on my graduate class (Hat #1, and more on that later), then started making dinner (Hat #2), went to church to meet with Toy about Fall Retreat (Hat #3), drove to practice to do some conditioning (Hat #4), and then got to come home and head back down to Missouri City to hang out with friends (Hat #5).  It was a crazy day of delegating parts of my brain to do tasks so I didn’t just melt down in a pile of overwhelmed goo.  It could be a looooong next 2 months.

I also received the disturbing news (should have seen it coming, but out of sight/out of mind) that I do actually have to take comprehensive oral exams in order to graduate. BOOOOOO.  My heart sank a little bit when I read the email, and I felt kind of like I was going to hurl.  It’s been over five years since I started, I’ve moved a half-dozen times, gotten married, blah blah blah…it scares me.  I know I can do it, but it scares me.  I’m sure I’ll say something stupid like “The capital of North Carolina is Washington, D.C.”

Breakfast–Classic Lucky Charms, as I’ve decided to call them.  Amazing.

Lunch–So…I made beer bread today.  We had some truly awful drinking beer left in our fridge (it tasted like water. Never thought I’d complain about that) so I decided to try to give it new life.  And boy did I succeed…the whole loaf was gone by the end of the day. But it wasn’t just me eating it–we shared. Promise.  So I had a hunk of that with some peanut butter on it.

Dinner–Chicken Noodle Soup that was kind of a disaster.  Something I put in it just wasn’t quite right, so it smelled and tasted a bit like plastic.  I hope it was the leek, because those are now gone.  I hope it wasn’t the chicken, because there’s more of that and it’d be a terrible waste if it was all bad.

Dessert–Butter Crunch ice cream.  I needed something to make me feel better after the dinner debacle.

Argo tomorrow!  Oh, and class shenanigans.

Have a good one.


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